Divine Pets (澳洲)


Divine Pets 的研發者Lyall Williams博士獨家榮獲專利VO30配方。它以茶樹為基礎的精油配方加上各種高效草本精油,經臨床實驗證明比普通茶樹油有3倍的抗菌功效;但同時呵護貓、狗及兔子幼嫩緊緻皮膚底層與增強肌膚免疫力。

Divine Pets 尋找澳洲東部天然草本植物,在大自然發掘草本的卓越功效、並製成護膚用品為您的愛寵注入天然的健康及美麗元素。

Divine Pets 致力拓展及研發不同專利配方;務求不斷為您的愛寵提供全方位清潔護理產品。

Divine Pets 榮獲2010澳洲出色研發學術成就出口商,確認品牌的嚴緊要求及產品的研發。

Divine Pets is a division of Divine Cosmetics, an Australian company, specialising in the development and manufacture of high quality, natural pet grooming products and cosmetics. We have excellent research, packaging and shipping facilities in Sydney that enable us to provide an exceptional level of service and delivery to our customers.

Divine Cosmetics has just recently been announced as a Finalist in the Premier’s NSW Export Awards. Now in its 48th year nationally, the Premier’s NSW Export Awards are acknowledged by the business community as one of Australia’s most prestigious business awards.

Divine Cosmetics has a reputation for the manufacture of high quality, Australian pet grooming products. Our products, containing natural Australian essential oils, are exported worldwide, including; Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner, Waterless Shampoo, Grooming Spray, Mouthwash, Deodorant Cologne, Neem Citronella Spray and Paws Spray.

All of the above products are manufactured in Australia, and contain Australian natural essential oils, including Tea Tree oil and Eucalyptus oil. The formulation of each Divine Cosmetics product is the outcome of research and development by Australian chemist and tea tree oil specialist, Dr Lyall Williams. As a result of Dr Williams’ expertise Divine Cosmetics is able to offer a range of outstanding pet grooming products, exceptional in both quality and performance.

Divine Cosmetics is always interested in finding new distributors for our Divine Pets range of products and would welcome the opportunity to meet with representatives from businesses that are interested in forming a partnership with our company.



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